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Friday, August 9, 2013

BrylaneHome Rocking Moon Lounger Review

Are you in the market for outdoors furniture? As some of you know, my husband and I recently purchased our first new home. We got rid of all of the old stuff we had before we moved and wanted the new house to have new stuff. We did not have anything for the backyard yet so when I was contacted by BrylaneHome I was so excited! They sent us chairs called Rocking Moon Loungers which you see pictured above. First, I want to say that my husband was able to put each of them together in about fifteen minutes and that should tell you that they didn't come in a million pieces which we can appreciate. Very light to pick up and take outdoors.
The frame is made with steel and very durable. It has rained here several times since putting them outside and they dry very quickly. There is a rubber type of hard foam that is on the arms so when you put your arms down it is very soft.
The rocking feature is so awesome and relaxing. We have a great shot at the stars and moons at night so the ability to relax while in comfort is a very large plus in my book. They rock pretty far back, but they do have a stopper on them so you can't go all the way back and flip out of the chair.
There is a headrest that is at the top of the chair. It's a small pillow that is attached to the chair.
If you have any types of back or spine issues, this style of chair would be perfect for you. It does not put any stress on your back or any part of your body. The perfect lounge chair. The chairs also fold for easy storage or if you want to take them somewhere. You just pick a chair up by the arms and push the arms together and they close.
We are so very pleased with this style of outdoors furniture and will continue to use these until they cannot be used anymore (which I do not see that happening, ever!) A few nights ago it was very nice outside with a small cool breeze and we both sat outside for about an hour and I almost fell asleep! That is how comfortable the Rocking Moon Lounger is!
As you can see in this picture above, my husband sits very comfortable in the chair. We are very tall people and the chairs fit us perfect. The weight that can be supported is up to 225 lbs. Each of us can sit in one of them and then have our five year old son sitting in our laps no problem. They do come in the one color which is black. Black is one of my favorite colors so I was very happy with the color. We did bring one of them inside one night just for fun in the living room and I can tell you that I plan on buying a few more. In my opinion, you can have a set for outdoors and a set for indoors! On the BrylaneHome website it says the style of these chairs are a European design and that definitely fits the bill. I have been to Europe and I can see these chairs being a part of their design. This chair is reasonably priced. They do not come in a pair. I received two, but you would have to buy them separately just for your information. I appreciate you coming by to read my review and I hope it helped! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.
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  1. Those look pretty cool! Do you have a picture of one folded up?

    1. Fido, I don't, but I will take one and add it this weekend! Thanks for the idea!!

  2. Betty Hardin Jones
    WOW!! This chairs look incredibly comfortable!! Thanks for sharing your review, just may have to see about purchasing a couple.

  3. These look and sound awesome!

  4. Wow!! These look and sound amazing. I would love to try these out. It even looks like my hubby would love this as well he has back problems but as you said these look perfect amd wouldnt be an issue for that. I could see myself falling asleep in one of these lol.

  5. Those do look comfy. I think I need a couple!!!

  6. Oh I love the look of these. ! Unfortunately we are heavy weights in our house so I don't think this would hold our weight . This would make a great gift ! Thanks for the review and giveaway Heather !
    Terra Lenhoff Drenthe

  7. These look like a dream to sit and relax on. must post as anonymous, don't have any link to add, Thank You, Valorie Morse

  8. I really like these. Love your review just liked their page and commented will be checking out other products as well. You did a great job describing and with the pictures how great these rocking moon loungers are. They look awesome and black is my favorite color.

  9. WOW! Awesome looking! And they also look very Comfortable!

  10. I have no doubts that I could and would drift fast asleep in one of those wonderful loungers! Since I do have problems with my back, I was pleased to see your comment "does not put any stress on your back". Question: is it possible to get out of this incredible chair without help? (Somewhat tongue in cheek!)

  11. I've been looking for so long for the perfect thing to relax in while talking with friends at night and viewing the stars. If I were to think up the perfect lounge chairs for that type of activity, those chairs would be better than that!! Ha. Looking forward to buying one. You have great taste in your review items!

  12. Okay - those look super-comfy... we have been searching for a unique chair for the lake house and this seems like it would be a perfect fit. Thank you so much!!!

  13. What a great chair. Your husband looks comfortable. They look great in your back yard. Thanks for the review.

  14. I would love to have one of these chairs. I'd like to have about 5 of them :)
    Perfect for looking at the night sky in the country.